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Intake & Assessments


When you contact the ONPC, you will be booked for a 50 minute intake appointment with one of our specially trained clinicians. This is your opportunity to let our team know what you have been experiencing that has led you to seek treatment and what your goals are. We will spend this time getting to know you, gather information about your symptoms/experiences, history, and indicators of brain arousal patterns. Together this information will allow us to give you feedback at the end of the session about whether you are a good candidate for psychotherapy, neurotherapy and whether any further assessments may be beneficial. This is also your opportunity to ask questions and learn more about all of our services. If after this session, you want to proceed, we will guide you to the next assessment or treatment steps. This can include a QEEG mapping if you are interested in neurotherapy, psychodiagnostic assessment if you are seeking clarification about your symptom patterns, or directly to a clinician for psychotherapy if this form of treatment is more suited to your needs.


An important assessment procedure before beginning Neurofeedback or Neurostimulation training is to do an EEG brain map (aka QEEG). QEEGs provide a very detailed description of your brainwave function by measuring electrical patterns at the surface of your scalp. The analysis includes a normative comparison to healthy individuals as well as a comparison of EEG ratios within yourself. Once we analyze your QEEG, we will provide the best treatment options for your treatment goals.


At the ONPC, the clinical psychologists offer a variety of assessments, including psychodiagnostic, trauma/PTSD, psychoeducational, medical-legal, return-to-work, and MVA assessments. Assessments can be offered by an individual psychologist or offered as a multidisciplinary team (such as with psychoeducational assessments). The ONPC stands apart from other assessment clinics because we offer integrated QEEG data for all of our psychological assessments. This allows the assessing clinician to integrate data from the client’s report, objective psychological testing, as well as EEG information, providing detailed conclusions regarding diagnoses and treatment options. If you want to know more information about the benefits of a comprehensive psychological assessment, the process, and the associated fees, feel free to contact the clinic.