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Biofeedback Treatments of Generalized Anxiety Disorders

Written by Rice, K.M., Blanchard, E.G., & Purcell,M. Published in Biofeedback Self Regulation, 1993, 18, pg 93-105

Forty-five individuals with generalized anxiety were randomized to 4 treatment conditions or a waiting list control. Patients received 8 sessions of either frontal EMG biofeedback, biofeedback to increase EEG alpha, biofeedback to decrease EEG alpha, or a pseudomeditation control condition. All treated subjects showed significant reductions in STAI-Trait Anxiety and psychophysiologic symptoms on the Psychosomatic Symptom Checklist. Only alpha-increase biofeedback subjects showed significant reductions in heart rate reactivity to stressors at a separate psychophysiological testing session. Decreased self-report of anxiety was maintained at 6 weeks posttreatment. View Article.

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